Sand and Stars Dinning Safari

Escape the city's bustle for the tranquility of the desert on a unique tour.

Experience the thrill of ‘dune bashing’ as expert drivers navigate massive sand dunes. Discover the Inland Sea, a natural border between Qatar and Saudi Arabia, where rising tides transform the area into a lakeside oasis. Opt for the afternoon trip to witness a breathtaking sunset and savor a traditional barbecue dinner. Amidst the serene desert, you’ll find solace in the whisper of the breeze and shifting sands. This adventure offers an escape from the city’s rush, immersing you in the peaceful beauty of the desert landscape.


  • Dunes driving and dune bashing in the desert
  • A couple of stops for photographs
  • Inland Sea (option to swim)
  • Pictures with Falcon
  • Camel Riding
  • Sandborading
  • Bedouin Camp and Lunch/Dinner Experience in the Desert
  • ATV/Quad Biking (Additional Cost)

Terms And Conditions


Sand Storms are very common during the Winter Season between October – April. Sand Storms occur unexpected & might disturb the view of the sites & cause distress to the clients. It does rain 1-5 times a year and it happens generally estimated during October-April. When it rains, it might happen that in worst scenario within 30-min the roads will be floated & the tour will be delayed in reaching each site or cancelled due to safety reasons. As sand storms & rain are unpredictable, the accurate delivery of the tour will not be guaranteed & it will be determined prior to the departure on the day of the tour.

If the tour can be executed and if all clients, who booked the tour will be joining according to their physical & health condition

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